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Written by: Roland Pinto Nissim, Chairman and CEO, Meiya Group Global
April 6, 2016

Meiya Aviation Global Flight Academy

Welcome to the Meiya Aviation Global Flight Academy and welcome to our career pilot institute.

You start your workday in the pilot briefing lounge of United Airlines, sipping a hot cup of tea, reviewing the flight you are about to pilot, preparing for the haul. Today, your job is to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Hong Kong, GPS direct, to Chicago.

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You have been preparing for this moment your entire life, for today is the first day that you are Captain on a long haul international flight on a wide body aircraft. Today is the apex, the milestone of your career. You are an international long haul senior airline captain flying for one of the world’s biggest airlines, and at the controls of the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft. It’s everything you ever dreamed it was. Freedom to fly, freedom to play, freedom to control, and it doesn’t hurt to know that you are getting paid about $350,000 per year to “work”, if you can call it that.

You have a great life. Married, children, a beautiful home easily afforded by your prosperous salary, great healthcare and insurance, your parents are taken care of, and your spouse is enjoying her life with you. The ability to spend or save, and the flight benefits that allows you and your family to visit the world at a next to no cost. What a great life, what a great job. Welcome to “flying the line” and your dream job as an airline pilot starts with your training.

While the road to success in the airlines is long and difficult, the rewards are wonderful and the prestige is great. Less than 1% of the world’s population has a pilot’s license. It is a very small club. Earning your wings will give you an advantage over everyone else in the world. You will be one of the few to have the freedom to spread your wings and fly. Your job will take you to great places, and your life will be full of wonderful experiences. BUT, in order to get there, you have a long way to go. A very long way to go.

The dream of flight is not out of reach. Hard work will yield an appropriate license to fly.Proven ability and an airline will trust you to fly one of its massive machines. A successful training path with proven results is the only way safely into the seat of one of the world’s most advanced cockpits. Airlines will hire only the best trained individuals to fill first officer seats. Your training needs to be world-class, proven, and the best in class. That’s why you need to train at Meiya.

Become One of the Best Pilots in China!

Competition for the best job in the sky is going to be fierce. A prestigious education in aviation and aviation culture will make you a well-rounded, educated cultured aviator. Most Chinese students come to the United States and are dumped into one of the many “pilot factories” found throughout the northern hemisphere. These schools don’t train a student the passion and ethos of flight, on the contrary. These students are taught only to operate the controls of an aircraft. They are not taught to become one with the machine. The airplane is an extension of a pilot’s body and mind. It is not just a machine that you control with a yoke and throttle quadrant.

Meiya students earn their wings through becoming part of the world’s aviation society. By becoming part of the spirit of flight, joining the ranks of men and women of all ages that have spent their lifetime in possession of their wings, experiencing the thrills and perils of flight and the rewards that go along with living the dream of aviation. The result of such esteemed training and education is the Meiya Aviator.

What is the Meiya Aviator? The Meiya Aviator is the best pilot graduate in the world. A true aeronaut. A cultured professional capable of flight in most any condition, under most circumstances, hand or auto, with complete command of any flying machine he or she sits down to fly. A Meiya Aviator is the culmination of a world class multinational flight education system harnessing the powers of an interactive flight environment taught by some of the best aviation educators in the world, and supported by a modern educational ecosystem consisting of high end aircraft fleets consisting of prop trainers, turboprop advanced aircraft, and jet powered aircraft. A modern fleet of certificated advanced flight simulators, offering stationary or full motion training prior to any flight training. Modern classrooms offering digital media presentations on flight, flight training, and training under an advanced Part 141 regiment.

The Meiya Aviator will experience the culture of flight. Exposure to aviation events is part of the flight training. Multiple aviation museums will be enjoyed as well as a complete understanding of the history of aviation. Exposure to aeronautics and aerospace technologies complete the Meiya Aviator. Semimonthly weekend aviation adventures and leisure experiences are part of the Meiya experience. Aviators pass all written examinations in their native country prior to entering the USA for their flight training. They obtain the facility of English well before their first communication with an air traffic controller. They are highly trained, highly exposed to all aspects of flight.

Additionally, the Meiya Aviator does not learn to fly in an area where it is sunny 360 days a year. Flight training is conducted in our flight schools located in parts of the world where all aspects of weather are experienced. You will learn about icing, you will fly in high wind environments, you will experience real IFR, you will regularly fly in rain and low visibility. Your training environment will offer you real world weather flying in real busy airspaces. You will train within the area of busy airports, located under a ring of a class B airspace, you will be constantly flying under the command of air traffic control.

Flying right underneath Washington DC’s three major international airports or San Francisco’s three major international airports and about 150 other airports in the immediate area, your flight training will be real world and you will be listening to radio chatter from pilots flying into the US from all over the world. Your experience will be unlike anything you have ever done before and your flight training will offer you experiences that only YOU can experience by learning to fly at Meiya.

Your friends learning at other schools will never really fly in real instrument conditions, will always experience sunny calm days, and will never really get any experience using the radios or listening as they learn in some really busy airspace. You will dominate in both skill of flight, and skill of communication but more importantly, you will dominate in real world experience. No other school can provide this type of training environment. Graduate from our schools and enter the ranks of some of the world’s best non-military trained pilots around. You will be a graduate of Meiya. You will be a Meiya Aviator. We wish to welcome you to our ranks, the ranks of high performance, crew trained, high income, highly trained, expert pilots that will set out to fly the world’s most advanced machines flying. At your controls, at your command, you are the Meiya Aviator.

Lets get your aviation education started now!

Meiya Aviator Multi-Commercial (MAMC) - Full Commercial Education Program – FAA Commercial License Multi-Engine

  • ICAO English Level 4 Certified – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Private Pilot Ground School – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Private Pilot Written Examination – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Instrument Rating Ground School – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Instrument Rating Written Examination – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Commercial Rating Ground School – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Commercial Rating Written Examination – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Basic and Advanced Air Traffic Control Radio Terminology – Guangzhou China Campus
  • Introduction to Flight Principles and Maneuvers – 25 Hours AAFD Full Motion Simulation – Guangzhou China Campus
  • 255 Hours Total Flight Time – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • 22 Hours in Twin Engine Aircraft for Multi-Commercial Rating – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • 25 Hours in Complex High Performance Mooney for Single-Commercial Rating – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • 10 Hours Garmin G1000 Glass Conversion
  • 4 FAA Checkrides
    • Private Pilot Checkride – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • Instrument Rating Checkride – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • Commercial Single-Engine Checkride – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
    • Commercial Multi-Engine Checkride – Washington DC or San Francisco, USA
  • All Pilot Electronics, Books, Materials, Manuals, Materials

General training costs are broken down below for Multi-Engine and Single-Engine Commercial combined license. This also assumes the student speaks English at an ICAO Level 4 or better. This also assumes the student will pass within the prescribed timeframe. Additionally, a communications radio lab is available if the student is not proficient in aviation communications language. This must be added to tuition cost if the student is found incompetent in radio communications:

  • Ground school courses, radio courses, communications, and preflight simulator training. Courses include: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial, Multi-Engine Land. All FAA written examinations and minimum of 50 hours of full motion flight simulation training. These courses and activities are taught in our Guangzhou China Ground School Campus. This includes the FAA testing fees.
  • Flight training materials for inflight and ground school training. Includes allnecessary books for your aviation book library. Electronics package includes items like headset, handheld radio, headlamp, intercom, and all other needed electronics and accessories for the aircraft. You may also purchase an upgrade kit that will provide you with full IPAD EFB automated cockpit navigation, flight planning, and navigation systems. The upgrade will provide you with a high quality top of the line BOSE headset and access to in-flight weather and traffic on your new Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) IPad. Our training materials kits come with over 90 books, tools, charts, computers, communication equipment,
  • Flight training – You will start at zero (0) hours when you arrive in the United States and will immediately start your training in our aircraft. Having completed all your theory, ground schooling, radio communications exercises, and pre-flying simulator experiences, you are ready to jump into the cockpit and focus the next six months on learning how to master the airplane. Your training will consist of 252 hours in your logbook, which will include 22 hours in a high performance twin engine airplane as you earn your Multi-Engine Commercial. You will also come home with your Single Engine Commercial. With those two licenses, you can tackle any and all general aviation jobs as you prepare yourself for a career in the airlines. If you need additional flight time, or just can’t grasp a concept in the allowed 252 hours, no problem, we offer additional flight hour bundles.
  • Weekend excursions and activities are available. We have put together a great program for our students to go learn about America, flying in the United States, and the history of aviation. We have put together an exciting bundle of 19 different trips. We will take trips every weekend or every other weekend. These trips will include visit to various control towers, most of the famous aviation and aerospace museums in the US, TRACON center visits, weekend GA flying trips, several city tours like New York City and Washington DC, and of course the EAA Oshkosh trip or the Sun and Fun hosted by AOPA.
  • Advanced Flight Lab is offered to students wanting to learn how to fly a King Air or a business jet turbine aircraft. These courses get you into the airplane for some real world flying but also get you into the cockpit to learn real world cockpit resource management (CRM) and crew management. These course add-ons are great for the aspiring airline pilot and will help you incredibly to get your first job on the line.
  • Flight Instructor training is also provided to student that want to continue and get their certified flight instructor ratings. There are two types of flight instructors, general flight instructors and instrument/ advanced flight instructors. We offer these additional training plans to help you become a flight training instructor and help you jump start your aviation career.

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