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Caferny Du
Marketing Director

I am Caferny, after obtained my Business Degree in the UK, I have worked in Marketing and Branding in different sectors in both London and China. I enjoy every minute working in Meiya, everyone is so professional and love what they do, and they are really genuine and also very knowledgeable. Through my time in Meiya, I have gained insight of the global aviation world, and we are working hard to connect and develop the industry within Asia and other part of the world. Aviation, it is everything we know, the only thing we love!

Aviation Petrol Markets Showing Solid Growth

Written by: Roland Pinto Nissim
Chairman and CEO, Meiya Group Global
Date: April 6, 2016

World leading petrol companies providing fuel to feed aircraft are reporting a steady increase in kerosene consumption over the past twelve months. The world’s leading fuel providers are positioning assets and capability to continue...

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